A haute couture design that aspires to inspire.

Altamarea is elevated to an emotional space, a place that reflects the true personality of those who live it, where each collection interprets a mood and the unique traits of those who choose it. A world of pure expression, represented through the combination of design, style and materials.


Lympha / Essential

For those who prefer minimalism and the essentiality of matter. For those looking for their own well-being in the aesthetic purity of prestigious elements.



Modo Project / Lively

The ideal concept for those with an original and modern style, who love a youthful, never-dull, naturally welcoming home. For those looking for a Way of being.



Must / Sophisticated

For those seeking to go beyond definitions, becoming synonymous with luxury and pleasure. For those who love to surround themselves with beauty and be enveloped by the sensuality of details.



Opera / Strict

A Scandinavian allure with a modernist inspiration that rediscovers its personality in the elegance of a detail. For those who love soft tones combined with the naturalness of wood, the texture of stone, or the soft opaqueness of Fenix.



360Gradi / Eclectic

To each their own Moodboard, amid different experiences and lifestyles. For those who prefer the freedom to customise, drawing on different looks to shape their habitat.



where design meets your true mood.