Modo Project, the ultimate in modular bathroom furniture for maximum design freedom

This versatile, customisable collection by Altamarea offers great design freedom and endless emotions, combining Nordic-inspired soft colours with warm Mediterranean wood.

Featuring a natural, warm palette, Modo Project offers a variety of compositions, all with minimal lines and striking contemporary appeal.
The aesthetic is clean and elegant – in true Altamarea style – and the elements are all highly functional. There are many materials and finishes to choose from: glossy or matte lacquered surfaces, beautiful, oxidised lacquers with a cloud-like effect, top-quality thermo-structured melamine and ultra-matte, fingerprint-proof Fenix. All the materials can be combined with each other and paired with the exquisite tops.

The minimalist style of Modo Project is ideal for both master and second bathrooms, thanks to its extensive range of materials designed to accentuate the beautiful finishes and functional accessories.
The collection features five different types of opening systems, a new raised base with metal-tipped feet, a practical Vassoio tray-style top fitted with stylish storage trays, a new and original Make Up unit, a container with a built-in mirror and LED lighting that is perfect for pampering and keeping jewellery and beauty products, and stylish panelling to customise and accessorize the walls in the bathroom.


The collection also includes new modular elements for the laundry area, a series of units with purpose-made accessorises to meet the needs of this workspace.