Rethinking well-being.

An oasis of daily well-being, the bathroom is an opportunity for design experimentation.

From a functional place to a place designed around pleasure. Designing a bathroom or its individual components is challenging, because any typological or decorative invention encounters things such as care and intimacy, both for oneself and for others. It is evident how these spaces in the house increasingly claim to be something different. A bathroom, yes, but also a spa. A bathroom, but also beauty centre, therapeutic area, place of the senses, thermal fountain, domestic waterfall.

“In the nineties most of the homes had only one bathroom, generally small and basic, consisting of sanitary ware, washbasin and bathtub – says Cristian Breda, Sales Manager Italy – Subsequently, the culture of the home and the well-being of the person led to the design of more bathrooms for each home: spacious, generally complex environments, where the washbasin has given way to modular furniture and the tub is usually replaced by large shower cubicles. Today in bathrooms we find innovation, technology and design; it is no longer a place for its own sake, but a participant in the furnishing concept of the house, which interacts and integrates with the other environments, respecting styles and colours.
It is the place in the home dedicated to relaxation and personal care, and research by designers and companies is constantly aimed at increasing the comfort of this environment, making the concept of “home wellness” more and more widespread”.


Lympha, the latest bathroom collection from Altamarea (design Franco Driusso) is inspired from this: an evolutionary design and a concept capable of interpreting the changes that the most intimate environment of the house has been experiencing in recent years. A design product created to meet the needs of a constantly changing market where the bathroom is increasingly associated with well-being and self-care. A fluid and therefore changing environment to which many emotive components are entrusted, that make it a refuge fin the quest for privacy, a place devoted to self-care before making an appearance on the stage of life.