Altamarea: a new design space, two new ways of conveying it.

From an emotive space with the latest Lympha collection, to a place for sharing with our new Instagram and Pinterest profiles.

Altamarea is the Bathroom Boutique which distinguishes itself on the national and international market for the production of bathroom furniture with our design Made in Italy. Its ability to elevate to an emotive space the place in the house that more than any other reflects the true personality of those who live in it, allows it to create collections that interpret the unique traits of those who choose it.

An opening to the inner world and to the sharing of feelings that inspired the creation of an Altamarea profile also on Instagram and Pinterest< strong>, a new presence that becomes part of an extensive rebranding process aimed at defining a coherent synergy in the phygital world of this Brand. Showcases of images and contents to show, update and inform an audience as heterogeneous as possible.