Compositional rationality amid dark notes and flashes of colour. A composition that recounts the soul of Modo Project. The rigorous style of the base is enhanced by the basin in matt Nero Ingo ceramic, counterpoised with the bright Bronzo Nuvolato metal of the tray top and brass tips of the feet.


A wide and linear composition, dedicated to the elegance of tone-on-tone. The colour shading runs through both the exposed and more hidden elements, just like the finish of the grooves in the opening systems. The practical, scenic Teatro mirror completes the composition.


Elegance that becomes exclusivity: a double basin composition for contemporary luxury made of clean lines, essential forms, and materials featuring warm tones and natural effects able to transmit harmony and balance to the whole.


A composition dedicated to linear and orderly simplicity, horizontally developed with just three elements arranged at staggered heights. Each is a distinct volume, with its own function: top with double basin, base with pull-out drawers for storage, mirror with integrated lighting.


A bathroom composition with a clean and functional design, created around three feature elements of the Modo Project collection: the tray top, open washbasin unit, and Strato panelling. The ideal composition for those looking for the beauty of open furniture without renouncing the practicality of a tall unit with door in which to store their beauty care products.


The purity of the forms merges with the texture of the finishes to create truly exclusive volumes. A metropolitan-style fusion characterised by extreme customisation thanks to the infinite texture and colour combinations. The perfect composition to suit all needs and styles.