FSC® certification

Altamarea has obtained international, independent, third-party FSC® certification issued by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC®), which guarantees the utmost traceability of the timber and its derivatives. Monitoring covers the entire life cycle of the material (the so-called Chain of Custody), from the forest to the consumer.
FSC® is the internationally recognised body which promotes the responsible management of forests and plantations (products on request).

Our company inspires its activity by the principles of legality, fairness, loyalty, equity and professional rigour, both in internal relations and in relations with third parties.

We adopt an organizational model that has enabled us to implement a structured system designed to ensure the fairness and transparency of our activities in compliance with current regulations.

For this, two specific documents have been prepared, a “Code of Ethics” and a “Policy for Quality, Environment and Safety” that can be consulted from the links below.