Proposed in ten different settings, Lympha stands out for its stylistic lines and the advanced search for noble materials and refined finishes such as: oxidized lacquers, Fenix ​​ntm® or precious wood essences, in particular, Terra Dogato Oak with the 3D processing with thin wavy vertical staves that characterizes some
particular elements of Lympha.
Among the novelties, the new pull-out terminal module through which, with a single movement, it is possible to access two distinct storage compartments: one on the front and one on the side. In addition, the practical revolving tray connected to the painted metal basement, the shelves for objects and towel holders coordinated with the bathroom finishes and the new opening systems with customizable integrated handles and profiles.

Particular emphasis was also given to lighting with the new Lympha lamp, a suspension system with LED lighting available in different sizes and customizable with the finishes introduced in the bathroom. The proposal is completed by the new types of mirrors with integrated LED lighting with a wide dimensional range.

Lympha is a design product created to meet the needs of a constantly changing market where the bathroom environment is increasingly associated with well-being and self-care.